I had a very fun Monday.   A former client hired me to go shopping with her for makeup.  Her name is Summer Virshup and she is a singer/songwriter/painter. I did her makeup a few weeks ago. Here’s a sample of the day.

 Summer and her paintings

in pink

Overall, the shoot went fine.  I think the singer had a different idea of how she wanted it to look so I didn’t get many funky poses or anything. Her makeup was really simple as she doesn’t wear any normally.  I think she looked really nice when all was said and done and she seemed pleased with it.

 So, we went shopping together and we picked up the full deal for her:  good foundation, powder, and concealer as well as the famous touche eclat (it’s an awesome face brightener!), some shadows, liners, blushes, and some fun stuff.  I think she might have been a little overwhelmed when we were done but I was confident that she got good stuff and not too much.  Also, she picked up an eye cream.  Honestly, I don’t know how women live without wearing an eye cream!  It makes all the difference in the skin around the eyes.  Anyway….enough of the diatribe.  Here’s a close up of her.  She’s really cute and her music has a distinct sound. You can find her on myspace under “singersummer”.121476593-m-1.jpg


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