It was a concept shoot where we did a 1940’s look in the am and a punk/new wave bride in the pm.  We started off with beauty shots and I often don’t appreciate these as much as I should.  As I was looking through these images tonight, I realized just how beautiful they are in their simplicity. 


This is one of the first pics Pete took of Martina.  He really wanted to get some of her tattoos in some of her pictures.  She looks so vulnerable to me but her piercings and tattoos say she is a tough woman!  She really photographed well and was really fun to work with.  I am hoping to work with her again.


This is my favorite beauty shot of her.  It is the only one I put on our webpage,  Her makeup was really simple…little foundation and concealer, a stain on the cheeks, and neutral eyes with a bit of mascara and gloss.  Just the right amount of simplicity to bring out her natural beauty.

Tomorrow I will put up some of the 40’s pics.  I had a lot of fun with those and some of the images are fantastic!


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