I just got my pics from a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago.  We did a 40’s look in the morning and a punk rock bride look in the afternoon.  It was really fun.  I love how the images turned out for the 40’s.  Here are a few of my faves of the flapper dress:


I love the contrast of her tattoos with the 40’s style dress, hair and makeup.  Makeup was minimal.  Lashes, red liner & lipstick.  I did a 40’s “smear” lip which means its a little outside the lip line and the center isn’t as defined…should look more smeared on.  Examples are:


On Martina, I made it a little more defined since her features are a little more sharp and it wouldn’t have look right if the lips were too rounded.



– Terri
Terri Lodge – Blush Premier Makeup Artists, Period, Special FX, Glamour, & Print Makeup, OR