The last few weeks have been an induction into the world of stolen images.

First of all, I was tipped off that some makeup artist had posted 4 of my images on his model mayhem profile, claiming credit for the makeup. Funny thing was, they were images I had had up for years prior to my web site redesign. I went to his page and commented on each picture and then reported each image to the MM moderators. The photographers I worked with all reported him as well. Ultimately, model mayhem deleted his profile. I was still stunned that 4 of 7 images were my work and that he was getting jobs from them.

The part I find most humorous is that they weren’t even my best work. My thoughts are if you are going to steal images, at least steal the good ones. 🙂

Then last week I received an email from a model letting me know that images from a shoot we did in Feb were in an Australian online magazine… used without the photographers permission and edited horribly. They were truly awful. I wasn’t sure I should laugh or cry and was actually grateful that I didn’t have a makeup credit.

The front cover is from our shoot as well as the back cover. Note the added bows… such a nice touch. 😉

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