A year and a half ago I decided I needed a new web site. My Blush site had been made by some clever kids at Cal but with all the changes I was making with my company, I thought it needed a new “face.”

I had worked with a web guy briefly during my time at an agency and I had remembered how helpful and nice the guy was. I had his card buried somewhere in my desk and went on a hunt to find it again. Luckily it was readily available…. Joel Bechtolt was his name. (macpdx@gmail.com)
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I contacted Joel and we begun discussing ideas for both sites. I ended up only being able to change one site but I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED what Joel did. He created the perfect web site for Blush Premier Makeup Artists. The intro video is beautiful! 🙂

The best part… Joel spent a better part of an afternoon training me on how to be able to make changes on my own site. That was worth every penny I spent plus some! I could now add, delete, rearrange, and change content without having to contact a designer and then wait.

The next best part… Joel has been available EVERY time I have had a question or concern or a glitch or simple user error on my web site. I needed to make a big change today and I was struggling with it. I emailed him and he tried to walk a very computer unsavvy girl through the process and ended up having me stop by so that he could do it like 2 seconds. He’s a dream to work with and I can’t imagine a better web designer in Portland.

If anyone needs a new web site or a spruce up, Joel Bechtolt is the way to go. He’s simply amazing and incredible to work with!!!

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