There is a model in Portland that I have wanted to work with for a few years now. Her name is Megan and rumor had it that Mode International was shipping her off to China for fashion week and she would be gone a big chunk of time. I conversed with some creative peeps and we set up a shoot with her and photographer Brandon Witzel. I have been admiring his work and the softer feel of his images and thought he would be perfect for this shoot with Miss Megan.

He agreed and so amazing hair stylist Kira Pinski and I started dreaming up a shoot concept. We really wanted something to do with ballet so Megan got her pointe shoes, Kira rented a studio, and Megan got a designer dress from Sarah Seven and we were off.

Here are a few of the best images from the studio…

I went for a really simple beauty look. Soft and clean. I wanted her face to blend in and accent the rest of the scene, not dominate the shot.

The next look was more edgy and will be showcased later… 🙂 I love working with a great team!!!!

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