I was browsing the net a few weeks ago, looking for a designer’s clothes to use that have NOT been used a hundred times over already. I wanted something new… something fresh… something inspired. I love Sarah Seven and her designs but pretty much every makeup artist and photographer has shot her dresses. I didn’t want to be part of the masses.

I saw some of Claire La Faye’s designs and I just had to smile. It was everything I was hoping to find. Her stuff is creative, beautiful, and unique.

I immediately looked her up and found she was a recent transplant from CA and so I wrote her and asked to borrow some of her clothes for an upcoming shoot. Claire was very open and soon I had a photographer and some beautiful models, an amazing hair stylist, and an outstanding wardrobe stylist. It was to be perfect! 🙂 Makeup by me, of course! 😉

Here are a few images from the shoot…

More pictures to follow with beautiful model Sarah Shroeder. 🙂
Photo by the fantastic Brandon Witzel
Hair by the talented Kira Pinski
Styling by amazing Rebecca Westby

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Beauty by Terri, Terri Lodge – Blush Premier Makeup Artists, Portland OR, Beauty, Fashion, Special Occasion, Print and Editorial Makeup