Leverage’s Parker on Tour Friday, Jul 16 2010 

A fellow makeup artist sent me this today. I haven’t even had time to really look for any of these. It seems I have been running and working ever since I did Beth’s Riesgraf’s hair and makeup for her Electronic Media Tour. I love the clips they included to show the depth and breadth of her character on the show. Parker is indeed my fave so I was delighted to get to do “Parker’s” hair and makeup for this job.

Enjoy the clip!

Leverage’s Parker

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Introducing Portland designer Claire La Faye Wednesday, Apr 14 2010 

I was browsing the net a few weeks ago, looking for a designer’s clothes to use that have NOT been used a hundred times over already. I wanted something new… something fresh… something inspired. I love Sarah Seven and her designs but pretty much every makeup artist and photographer has shot her dresses. I didn’t want to be part of the masses.

I saw some of Claire La Faye’s designs and I just had to smile. It was everything I was hoping to find. Her stuff is creative, beautiful, and unique.

I immediately looked her up and found she was a recent transplant from CA and so I wrote her and asked to borrow some of her clothes for an upcoming shoot. Claire was very open and soon I had a photographer and some beautiful models, an amazing hair stylist, and an outstanding wardrobe stylist. It was to be perfect! 🙂 Makeup by me, of course! 😉

Here are a few images from the shoot…

More pictures to follow with beautiful model Sarah Shroeder. 🙂
Photo by the fantastic Brandon Witzel
Hair by the talented Kira Pinski
Styling by amazing Rebecca Westby

Blush Premier Makeup Artists, Terri Lodge, Portland OR, Beauty, Fashion and Special Occasion, and Creative Concept Makeup

Beauty by Terri, Terri Lodge – Blush Premier Makeup Artists, Portland OR, Beauty, Fashion, Special Occasion, Print and Editorial Makeup

New Representation!!!! Blush Premier to be repped by OMM! Thursday, Mar 26 2009 

Drum roll please….

Blush Premier Makeup Artists, Terri Lodge are proud to announce that they are now being represented by Options Model Management.

Here is the new agency headshot…

This is a BIG and EXCITING change for us and we are thrilled to be one of the four makeup artists chosen out of all of Portland. Its an honor!!!

Keep an eye out for some new and exciting projects that are in the works!!!

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A Brand new Blush!!! Tuesday, Oct 21 2008 

HI Everyone

It has been a long time since my last post on here…I have been so busy.  I have made a lot of changes to Blush Premier Makeup Artists in the last 6 months.  Specifically, the biggest change is that I assumed sole proprietorship of the company and have since added on a team of brilliantly talented artists and hair stylists.  They are each amazing people and incredibly gifted in their fields.  I feel honored to have them aboard.

I have also been blessed enough to meet up with some very talented photographers from the LA area who have decided to mentor me and help bring my skills and abilities to a whole new level.  I am so lucky to have their input in my life and in my profession.

Let me introduce you to my new team….

Arienne White (first photo) is an amazing makeup artist and hair stylist, Julie Ruckman (2nd photo) is a gifted hair stylist, Sunny Fire is wonderful mua, and Nanette Marx (4th image) is new to the makeup side but has been doing incredible hair for years.

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Test shoots Thursday, May 31 2007 

I did a test shoot last month with a new photographer and I finally received the images today. I will often do a test shoot for TFP (trade for print) with a new photographer so that we can “try each other out.” Sometimes it turns out fabulously and I’m thrilled, other times, I get the images back and (sigh) I’m just sad. There has even been the occasion where the photography was so bad that I couldn’t use a single image. Luckily, this time that was not the case.

Overall, a majority of these images turned out well. The photographer is just starting out, kind of getting his legs so to speak. The model is a sweet girl who dabbles in modeling for fun. She was really nice and easy to work with. She was also very petite…5 foot 2 to be exact which is tiny in the modeling world.

We met on the river in downtown Portland and I brought my new kit…in a shoulder bag. That would have been fine if we had done makeup in one location. What I didn’t realize is that we were going to walk along the majority of the river and back for our shoot. I think we were all worn from packing our/my stuff!

Here are some of the better pics:

I did both makeup and hair which is a nice change. I’m not so confident in my ability to do hair so this was a good chance to practice and play. All I had with me was some clips and hairspray. Not bad if I do say so myself. 🙂

The photographer, Chris from Intelligent Designs, loves to play with angles. I really like some of his ideas but I didn’t care for a few of these pics. The concept was cool but I don’t think they ended up showing the best of the model or of the photographer.


Overall, I’m pleased with this shoot and with my images. Anything that expands my portfolio and stretches me to be a better artist is what I’m going for.

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More 40’s Saturday, Feb 10 2007 

127648461-m.jpgHere are some more of those 40’s shots that I did with Pete and model Martina.  Notice the hair.  Julie Ruckman did a great job giving her a truly 40’s do and Aria was a good stylist for this.  She has great clothes. 

127649080-m.jpgI love this picture!  It reminds me of the old pin ups.   Martina really worked to embody a 40’s spirit here.

These were the best of the black satin dress.  I didn’t care for any of the body shots on this one.  It was much better closer up.  I also love the lips! 🙂

More 40’s of a different style to come later.


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The 40’s… Thursday, Feb 8 2007 

I just got my pics from a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago.  We did a 40’s look in the morning and a punk rock bride look in the afternoon.  It was really fun.  I love how the images turned out for the 40’s.  Here are a few of my faves of the flapper dress:


I love the contrast of her tattoos with the 40’s style dress, hair and makeup.  Makeup was minimal.  Lashes, red liner & lipstick.  I did a 40’s “smear” lip which means its a little outside the lip line and the center isn’t as defined…should look more smeared on.  Examples are:


On Martina, I made it a little more defined since her features are a little more sharp and it wouldn’t have look right if the lips were too rounded.



– Terri
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Shopping & Makeup…??? A marriage made in heaven! Wednesday, Jan 31 2007 

I had a very fun Monday.   A former client hired me to go shopping with her for makeup.  Her name is Summer Virshup and she is a singer/songwriter/painter. I did her makeup a few weeks ago. Here’s a sample of the day.

 Summer and her paintings

in pink

Overall, the shoot went fine.  I think the singer had a different idea of how she wanted it to look so I didn’t get many funky poses or anything. Her makeup was really simple as she doesn’t wear any normally.  I think she looked really nice when all was said and done and she seemed pleased with it.

 So, we went shopping together and we picked up the full deal for her:  good foundation, powder, and concealer as well as the famous touche eclat (it’s an awesome face brightener!), some shadows, liners, blushes, and some fun stuff.  I think she might have been a little overwhelmed when we were done but I was confident that she got good stuff and not too much.  Also, she picked up an eye cream.  Honestly, I don’t know how women live without wearing an eye cream!  It makes all the difference in the skin around the eyes.  Anyway….enough of the diatribe.  Here’s a close up of her.  She’s really cute and her music has a distinct sound. You can find her on myspace under “singersummer”.121476593-m-1.jpg


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