Glamour Magazine Monday, Jul 12 2010 

I found this lovely little tidbit sitting in my in box tonight! Very fun!

A few months back I did a shoot with Brandon Witzel, outstanding clothing designer Claire la Faye, very talented hair stylist Kira Pinski, gifted clothing stylist Rebecca Westby, and model Sarah Schroeder from OMM.

I added a few of the images to my portfolio and to my web site but hadn’t seen or heard much from it since. In fact, I had forgotten about the images. Tonight I find one of the images on Glamour Magazine’s online site…advertising Claire la Faye’s designs. Very cool. See link below! 🙂

Glamour Magazine

I love doing these fun collaboration shoots. Its always a fun time and there are often really unexpected delightful results!

Blush Premier Makeup Artists, Terri Lodge, Makeup Artist, Portland, OR, Fashion, Editorial, Beauty, and Special Occasion Makeup

Beauty by Terri, Terri Lodge – Blush Premier Makeup Artists, Portland OR Makeup Artist, Beauty, Fashion and Special Occasion Makeup


Advertising Campaign for Bishops Barbershops Wednesday, Feb 24 2010 

A few years ago I met a hair stylist that I think is simply divine. Her name is Julie Ruckman and she was working at Bishops Barbershop as a stylist.

Through our years of working together I was hired to do an ad campaign for Bishops in 2008. As the economy went down, they stopped doing ads for a while so I was excited when they started back up and I was hired for another year of ads.

I met with the Art Director and we brain stormed on photographers and they ended up hiring the outstanding Carl Evans. I knew we were in for great things this time around. 🙂

Bishops likes to use “real” people for their ads so they put out a call for people who were willing to come in and let the stylist do whatever they felt like to get an “original” do. There was some phenomenal hair there. Holly wanted to do 2 shots… a day look and a night look so we were booking it to get all 17 models dressed and changed twice, with both hair and makeup changes. The results have been really cool!!!

Here are a few of the ads so far…

Blush Premier Makeup Artists, Terri Lodge, Beauty by Terri, Portland OR, Editorial, Advertising, and Beauty Makeup Services

Beauty by Terri, Terri Lodge – Blush Premier Makeup Artists, Portland OR, Beauty, Editorial, Commercial and Advertising Makeup Services

I made the cover of a book!!! Sunday, Dec 27 2009 

Today was a lovely day. I log on to find a posting by a photographer friend of mine, Pete Springer, who had posted some great news. He had been chosen to be part of a collaboration in a book on Professional Commercial Photography. Not only was there an editorial on him, but many of his images were chosen, including 3 of mine. 🙂

What I found even more exciting is that one of our images from one of my favorite shoots was featured on the cover. See link!
Amherst Media, Professional Commercial Photography

There were some amazing images from this shoot. This is also where I met the amazing hair stylist Kira Pinski, and lovely clothing designer Holly Stalder.

Cover pic

makeup by me

The other images included were:

Blush Premier Makeup Artists, Terri Lodge, Portland OR, Beauty, Fashion, Editorial Makeup, Portland, OR, West Coast

Beauty by Terri, Terri Lodge – Blush Premier Makeup Artists, Portland OR, Editorial and Commercial Makeup Artistry, Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA